Maps that make you happy!

Mappy builds powerful mobile apps to enhance the guest experience and empowers businesses with data analytics.

How Mappy works for venue owners, app developers and peripheral businesses.

White Label
Developer Tools

Various stand alone modules including:
• 2D/3D Maps
• Groups Location Sharing
• Interactive, Search, Sort and Filter
• Social Feedback and Messaging
• Navigation
• Indoor Routing
• Gamified Advertising
• Augmented Reality (AR)

Data as a
Service (DaaS)

• Real Time User Movement Data
• Map Services
• Location Services

Analytics (SaaS)

• Operations Dashboard
• Real Time and Time Series Data
• Predictive Analysis


Improving guest experience

Mappy builds powerful mobile apps and developer tools to enhance guest experience with amenity search, turn by turn navigation, and connecting people with group location sharing on interactive 2D/3D maps.

Enterprise platform for the analysis and socialization of geospatial movement

We specialize in mapping custom venues and providing an integrated platform for mobile, web, and data analytics. Mappy developer tools and mobile apps fuel metrics and data that are analyzed with industry-leading tools and techniques to provide venue operators with location intelligence, data visualization, and pattern identification to inform their decision-making processes, which in turn improves operational efficiency, lowers expenses, and increases revenue.

B2B Mobile Applications, Map Services and Data Analytics (SaaS) designed to:

Increase Venue Capacity

Reduce Operational Costs

Enhance Guest Engagement

Improve Marketing Efficiency

Improve Worker and Asset Safety

Ski Resort Example: Integrated Platform

Snow Mappy mobile app improves guest experience with location intelligence, while providing data analytics to assist resorts with real time decision making.

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